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Argo z korábského údolí


We brought in our first dog in 2006 from a kennel „z Korábského údolí“. Agro z Korábského údolí was a very dominant dog, a good hunter, a great friend and a valid member of our family. He passed hunting test (ZH) in the 2 nd prize in 2007 and one international show in Poland.

We have experienced many beautiful moments with him, the first hunting experiences with KBD are unforgettable. Hunting of mouflons at an early age, persistently searching for game etc.

Meanwhile, Argo became more of a domestic pet who enjoyed the comfort by the family hearth. He left us in 2018 at the age of 12.

It was pretty clear that we certainly couldn´t live without a dog, so we were considering what breed will be the best for us. We kept in mind that raising a KBD and teaching him the best behavior is sometimes nerve-wracking, but as they say – once you met a KBD, you don´t want another breed. It is absolutely true and that´s why we decided to find a puppy as soon as possible to fill the void left by Argo.

argo & erkki

In November 2018, we brought in a new puppy, coincidentally it was another Argo. Argo z Perleťového města was very lively puppy who destroyed everything we thought of. Even though he came to us at the end of November, he had no problem with winter temperatues (around -9°C). He slept outside on the table, he successfully ignored his dog house. We started going out into nature very actively with him, he showed us the hunting instincts quite early. We quickly remembered what it´s like when a KBD puppy suddenly arrived and we have a three-year period of intensive training, understanding each other and other happy moments ahead. Unfortunately, we didn´t get this opportunity with Argo, he left us suddenly at eight months, but we will always keep him in our hearts.

After Argo left, we decided to get a new puppy immediately. We didn´t think at that moment where the puppy is (if the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland or somewhere else). The main task was to forget everything bad and fill the empty dog house.

In June 2019, we traveled to Warsaw (Poland) for Erkki Cień Tajgi. When we came for Erkki, it was clear that we chose the right puppy. He slept the whole way home, he was really brave and didn´t be scared of new home and yard and his qualities has been showing us for several years that we had a lucky hand when choosing a new family member. During the time that Erkki has been with us, we have made some great friends with whom we share hunting experiences, and at the same time we have had the opportunity to know what an excellent hunter Erkki is. He has shown at many shows that he has an excellent exterior, so we are not afraid to say that Erkki will most likely become our „life“ dog thanks to the above-mentioned.


After some time, we have started to think about new dog and whether it would be worth it for us to bring a female for Erkki and possibly keep a puppy at home after breeding them. So the searcing of contact in Finland began, where we were incredibly lucky to find breeders from whom Ronja (Finland) came to us in June 2021.

According to the videos from the breeder, Ronja already seemed like an absolutely independent puppy. She still shows us that character today. We took Ronja to the forest a few days after her arrival so that she could start recognizing smells and orient herself in the terrain. We were pleasantly surprised when she showed us how briliant her nose is. She is experienced in finding her way around a foreign environment, looking for game, and as she showed us during the year 2022, she is also excellent hunter. The main difference between Erkki and Ronja is that she likes to be lazy sometimes, but when it comes to hunting, her true nature and character shows.